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Reinventing the Liberal Arts: College in One Year for $5

Today’s professional worker must be able to comprehend information culled from a wide range of sources, analyze and synthesize relevant content from such materials, write and speak clearly, and argue effectively both in writing and in person. These are the skills honed by the liberal arts.

Genuinely interdisciplinary liberal arts programs enable students to think critically across multiple disciplines—preparing them for career and life challenges in a changing world. Instead, most academic institutions require a smattering of unrelated courses in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities before shepherding students into a major. To actually infuse liberal arts education with the qualities and benefits claimed for it requires a different approach.

The breadth of knowledge and range of skills needed to competently pursue professional careers in the 21st Century bears little resemblance to what was required when colleges and universities in the late 19th Century adopted the departmental structure and priorities that still characterize higher education. Academic incentives that reward specialized research and tether faculty members to their departments also fragment and marginalize undergraduate liberal arts programs.

“Reinventing the Liberal Arts: College in One Year for $5″ provides an interdisciplinary rather than a haphazard introduction to modern science and a contemporary rather than an antiquarian introduction to the humanities. It enables students to pursue a comprehensive liberal arts education—complete with more than 100 video lectures by world-class educators—without attending a college or university. The detailed curriculum contained in “Reinventing the Liberal Arts” includes an interdisciplinary survey of physics, geology, molecular biochemistry, neuroscience, history, literature, ethics, politics, language, information technology, and management.

The entire program can be completed in less than a year and at a fraction of the cost required to attend a college or university. It enables students to obtain the benefits of a liberal arts education while they pursue apprenticeship and certification programs in their chosen professions.

The complete 124-page ebook “Reinventing the Liberal Arts: College in One Year for $5″ is available here.

Written by Tuck Newport

Tuck Newport

Tuck Newport was born and spent his childhood in Hawaii. During his twenties, he worked as a journalist for Honolulu’s morning newspaper; as the press aide to U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye in Washington, D.C.; and as the publisher of a bi-weekly magazine, the Hawaii Observer. Newport subsequently moved to Los Angeles and became either a founder or a manager of various software, data network, and telecommunications businesses. He continues to indulge his residual entrepreneurial instincts by investing in other peoples’ high-tech startups. For two decades, Newport taught occasional seminars in a variety of subjects at his alma mater, Occidental College, where he majored in history and graduated with honors. Newport also received a master’s degree in management (as a Sloan Fellow) from Stanford University. He enjoys hiking in the hills and mountains around Los Angeles with his dogs and other miscreants.

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