“To create one’s own world takes courage.” – Georgia O’Keeffe

Denise Lewis Fine Art: Heart 2

Our mission is to inspire, nurture and support the education of fine artists from multiple disciplines of the visual arts.

Fine Art: The purity of the discipline of the visual arts, considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes, judged for its beauty and meaningfulness, and within the genres of specifically, , sculpture, meaningfulness regarding, architecture, drawing, painting, graphics, sculpture, and watercolor.

If you are interested in learning about fine art or going to an art school to become an artist, we hope this website will inspire you. We are not only sharing some history about fine art, but we are also providing information about the leading fine arts academies and schools in the United States.

For art that’s a little closer to home, one can delve into century’s worth of home designs. If one’s home is truly one’s castle, then one should expect to see many interpretations of these castles, influenced over the years by styles, perceptions, technological advances, legislation, and the changing face of America itself. Designing a home is a specialized art field. Designers must also be architects, requiring formal education, as the plans must be signed off on after approval from various State agencies. While our contact with most forms of art is somewhat transient in nature, we literally live within the works of art we call home. The house plan, and its blueprint renditions stand alone among the arts in this respect.

Our Historical Art Periods and Movements sections offers a quick study about fine art periods – from Primitive cave art to Baroque, Impressionist, Cubism, or Pop art.

Earning a Masters in Fine Arts (M.F.A.) degree demonstrates advanced abilities for a fine artist in specialty fields like drawing, graphic design, or painting and also visual communications. We have listed the top 50 fine arts graduate schools for fine arts and there is a resource for professional organizations on our Art Community that you might find useful as you pursue your career.