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Denise Lewis Fine Art: Mercurial Moods.4Apprenticeship programs can provide a valuable alternative to a generic college or trade school education. Indeed, German-style apprenticeship programs have received interest from President Obama as well as governors from Michigan to North Carolina. (source: Wall Street Journal Sept 12, 2014.) To date, the reception has been lukewarm.

The lack of enthusiasm and enrollment result more from the apprenticeship models being used than from any underlining deficiencies in the apprenticeship concept. When properly structured, apprenticeship programs can excel in their core raison d’être—providing essential job training for skilled trade positions.

This website has been established to discuss the benefits of apprenticeship programs. Given that the virtues, or the lack thereof, of higher education have become a hot topic, there is no better time to help bring apprenticeship education to the forefront of this discussion.

You are invited to join the discussion and add your thoughts, insights and experiences with apprenticeship programs to our endeavor. If you have a previously published Internet article you would like to submit, please supply a one to two paragraph introductory abstract of said article, a brief bio and a link to the published article. If you wish to submit a previously unpublished article on apprenticeships, please supply both the article in full and a brief bio.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.